A Successful Five-Year Evaluation for the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Nanoscale Phase Transformation

There was a particularly special emphasis on the research findings and team performance.

The Christian Doppler Laboratory CDL-n-phase team; Photo credit: JKU
The Christian Doppler Laboratory CDL-n-phase team; Photo credit: JKU

Over the course of its seven-year operating cycle, Christian Doppler Laboratories facilitate application-oriented and high-quality base-knowledge research, jointly funded by the public sector and corporate partners. Under the direction of Priv. Doz. Dr. DI Heiko Groiß at the JKU's Center for Surfaces and Nanoanalytics, the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Nanoscale Phase Transformations (CDL n-phase) investigates nanoscale phase transformations in cooperation with voestalpine Stahl Ltd., Robert Bosch AG, and EV Group E. Thallner Ltd, to investigate nanoscale, physical-chemical changes on surfaces, interfaces, and grain boundaries. These play a key role in the way modern materials perform when used in power electronics, the automotive industry, and hydrogen technology.

The external evaluators’ assessment following the evaluation in November 2023 not only recognized the impressive research findings thanks to outstanding partnerships with involved industry collaborators, but also the accomplishments demonstrated by a highly motivated team which has succeeded in publishing its findings as well as engaging in discussions at various international conferences and symposia.

Heiko Groiß is delighted about the outstanding evaluation and remarked: "I look forward to the next two years at the CD Lab to continue building on our projects. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the partners, and my team, for making our success possible."

Launched in 2019, the CDL n-phase has now been very positively assessed for the second time in its five-year evaluation. The 12-strong working group is now guaranteed another two years of fruitful research with €1.5 million in funding.

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