Renewed Accreditation for Business Informatics at the JKU

As in 2011 and again in 2017, the Agency for Quality Assurance (AQAS e.V.) has once again accredited the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in Business Information Systems at the Johannes Kepler University Linz for an additional seven years without any further constraints.

Studierende am JKU Campus
Students at the JKU

The resulting seal of approval certifies that these academic degree programs are of high educational quality. These degree programs are the only internationally accredited university degree program in Business Informatics in Austria.

Experts in Business Informatics play a crucial supporting role when it comes to integrating management responsibilities in business and administration with technical options in the area of digitization. Academic degree programs in Business Informatics at the JKU successfully convey skills and expertise to shape, drive and responsibly control digitization processes across disciplines. Graduates contribute significantly to an organization’s digital transformation, ranging from strategic development to technical implementation. Business Informatics at the JKU includes the use of English as a technical language during the course of studies, as well as special training that features theory and hands-on practices. Both real-world experts and JKU professors supervise students as they work on various IT projects.

The accreditation commission has certified that in terms of objectives, the profile, and concept, both Business Informatics programs are well designed, preparing students well to pursue professional positions after graduation while also providing strong academic advising services. In addition, certification attests to the JKU's continuing commitment to ensure the feasibility of studies.

The evaluators pointed out that both programs in Business Informatics can also be completed on a part-time basis.

A Wide Range of Options and an Open Format

The Business Informatics programs at the JKU features a wide variety of elective subjects (ranging from business informatics to business and computer sciences), as well as a flexible Master’s curriculum. Students not only choose from one of twelve areas of specialization (such as Business Intelligence & Data Science, IT Entrepreneurship, or Security Engineering & Management) but can also opt to specialize in a particular area of their choice.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael Schrefl, head of the JKU Institute of Business Informatics - Data & Knowledge Engineering and head of the study commission for Business Informatics, added: “The evaluators’ outstanding assessment is in line with that of our graduates. According to a student HIS conducted survey, the JKU’s undergraduate degree program in Business Informatics is one of the six university degree programs (unranked) with the highest recommendation rate in Austria. The international accreditation benefits students as it is a significant competitive advantage. Experience has shown that when applying for jobs, our graduates have significantly better chances than graduates from non-accredited programs. Employers recognize the quality seal that comes with accreditation and, like the evaluators, appreciate the graduates' state-of-the-art expertise."

New Degree Program: "Artificial Intelligence in Business"

Beginning in the Winter Semester of 2023/2024, the departments of Business Informatics and Computer Sciences will come together to introduce a new major: "Artificial Intelligence in Business". The new major is designed to teach students how to assess and manage the use of artificial intelligence within the context of business applications. Prof. Schrefl points out: "Eleven additional, highly relevant interdisciplinary majors and an option to select a specialization according to personal interests makes Business Informatics at the JKU a unique, internationally accredited degree program in Austria."

Stefan Koch, JKU Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, added: "It is rare to be repeatedly accredited without further constraints, thereby confirming that studies in Business Informatics at the JKU is outstanding. In the interest of our students, we aim to continue on this successful path in the future."

Rector Meinhard Lukas stated: "Business Informatics at the JKU stands for high quality in education and research and I am pleased renewed accreditation has confirmed this. Our graduates are well educated and, in addition to technology, they also have an understanding about social responsibility for environment and the community, making them responsible leaders in the area of digital transformation."

Internationally Recognized Quality Seal

Program accreditation is a multi-stage procedure based on peer review principles. The agency appoints a group of experts consisting of university representatives (professors and students), and industry professionals. In order to be accredited and earn the quality seal, the group of experts review the entire program (including the curriculum, structure, content, educational aspects, examinations, admission procedures, and progression to the learning environment and academic advising & support services) in accordance with internationally recognized criteria of quality. Experts conducted an on-site assessment in January 2023 to not only learn more about the program’s quality, but also to speak personally with students, faculty members, and graduates.