TN Inaugural Lectures: Introducing New JKU Professors

Traditional inaugural lectures for new professors will take place at the JKU in October.

Martina Seidl
Professor Martina Seidl

Prof. Martina Seidl (Institute for Symbolic Artificial Intelligence) will kick off the inaugural lecture series at 4:00 PM on October 4 in the JKU Ceremony Hall with her inaugural lecture titled "Symbolic Artificial Intelligence: Intelligenz durch formale Logik". Prof. Daniel Große (Institute for Complex Systems) will follow with his inaugural lecture titled "Herausforderungen und Lösungen: Wie Verifikation von komplexen eingebetteten Systemen gelingen kann".

On October 18, Prof. Michel Bockstedte (Institute of Theoretical Physics) will hold his inaugural lecture at 4:00 PM titled "In the Glister of a Gem Stone: Nano-scale Quantum Physics in Material Science". Prof. Mark Hlawitschka (Institute of Process Engineering) will follow with his inaugural lecture titled "Changing World - The Opportunity for Process Engineering".

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