U-Multirank: Once Again, the JKU Scores among the Top Universities and is a National Front-Runner

The annual U-Multirank university ranking places the JKU among top universities, both in Austria and abroad.

The 2022 U-Multirank Sunburst Chart
The 2022 U-Multirank Sunburst Chart

The JKU has once again placed among Austria’s top-ranked universities. U-Multirank is not a league table and does not use composite indicators, nor reputation weights, meaning the respective indicators are represented by a unique "sunburst" chart (see figure below). The university’s performance is presented with individual scores represented by 29 indicators as outlined in the "sunburst", graded from A ("very good") to E ("weak") across the different areas.

The JKU is a National Front-Runner
As in the previous year, this year the JKU once again scored a total of 19 A and B indicators, which - in regard to a national and international comparison - is a very good report card. When compared across Austria, the JKU ranks among the best public universities, measured by the number of A ("very good") and B ("good") indicators in the "sunburst chart" and is once again a front-runner this year. The university scored particularly well in the performance areas of "research" and "international orientation" with three A indicators and three B indicators each. In the area of "regional engagement", the JKU was able to maintain its strong ratings from the previous year.

The Goal is to Become One of Europe’s Top Universities
Rector Meinhard Lukas explained: "This ranking confirms yet again that we are on the right track." U-Multirank is an important gauge and indicator to identify strengths and weaknesses. Rector Lukas added: "The Johannes Kepler University continues to clearly define its goal which is to become one of Europe’s top universities. This needs to be the goal in Linz and the new university can serve as a launch vehicle. The only way to do this is to join forces, pool resources in Linz, and understand our existing strengths."

The History of U-Multirank
U-Multirank provides information on approximately 2,200 universities from 96 countries.Unlike other university rankings, U-Multirank (UMR) does not include a ranking. The indicators are represented on a unique "sunburst chart". The "ranking" is based on five dimensions as represented by 29 indicators in the "sunburst chart". Each indicator is evaluated individually, assigning grades between A ("very good") to E ("weak").

These five dimensions (a total of 29 indicators) are represented on the "sunburst chart":

  • Teaching + Learning (4 indicators)
  • Research (7 indicators)
  • Knowledge Transfer (7 indicators)
  • International Orientation (6 indicators)
  • Regional Engagement (5 indicators)

See: www.multirank.org, opens an external URL in a new window for all of the results.