Kepler Society: Michael Strugl is Officially Head of the JKU’s Alumni Association

During a recent ceremony, the Johannes Kepler University’s alumni association welcomed a new chair.

Sommerempfang Kepler Society 2022
Sommerempfang Kepler Society 2022

As part of a traditional summer reception held atop the TN Tower at the JKU Somnium, Verbund CEO Michael Strugl officially succeeded Gerhard Stürmer as chairman of the board. The 150-person guest list included many JKU alumni, partners, and representatives from the Rectorate, all of whom took advantage of the warm, balmy evening to come together and share stories about their alma mater.

Michael Strugl has been in office as head of the Kepler Society since January 10, 2022. Elected at the General Assembly, Strugl succeeds Gerhard Stürmer, who had held the office for the past 17 years. On account of the pandemic, the ceremony was postponed and took place during the recent annual “Summer Reception” event.

Michael Strugl remarked: "I am very honored and privileged to preside over my alma mater’s alumni association. I have always considered the Johannes Kepler University Linz a special place and the university has remained close to my heart, even after I graduated. I am therefore very pleased to serve as the Kepler Society’s board chairman, succeeding the current Honorary President, Gerhard Stürmer. Along with my board team, my goal now is to work together to drive the JKU’s alumni association forward, making us more fit for the future. We aim to digitize, expand our services, network more effectively, and better serve the JKU’s alumni. In the future, we will also play an even greater role in shaping advancements at the JKU."

Gerhard Stürmer, Honorary President
For the past 17 years, Gerhard Stürmer served as board chairman of the Kepler Society, successfully driving developments at the alumni association forward. During the ceremony, Stürmer’s successor, Michael Strugl, and JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas, ceremoniously presented Gerhard Stürmer with the title of ‘honorary president’ of the Kepler Society.

Michael Strugl thanked Stürmer for his many years of involvement: "During his 17 years as board chairman, Gerhard Stürmer has had a greater impact on the Kepler Society than anyone else. Under his leadership, the Kepler Society has grown and flourished. I am therefore all the more pleased to make him an honorary president today and I am grateful he will continue to serve the alumni association as an honorary president."

JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas added: "Over the past 17 years, and in an unrivaled way, Gerhard Stürmer made his mark on the Kepler Society - and by extension to the JKU. As he steps down from the board chairmanship, an impactful era comes to an end. I would like to thank Gerhard Stürmer for his extraordinary leadership and exemplary commitment on behalf of our alumni. At the same time, I am pleased that he will now continue to be involved with the alumni association and at the JKU as an honorary president."