"X-Ray Vision" during Brain Surgery: An Advanced Neurosurgical Procedure Debuts at the Department of Neurosurgery.

The Department of Neurosurgery (NeuroMed Campus at the Kepler University Hospital) is currently testing new guided brain surgery technology.

Data glasses
Data glasses

So-called “data glasses” are allowing surgeons to virtually superimpose radiological images on to actual patients. In the future, state-of-the-art technology made in Upper Austria will provide neurosurgeons with even better insight into the brain. Prof. Dr. Andreas Gruber (head of the Department of Neurosurgery and Dean of Research at the JKU’s Faculty of Medicine) initiated a research partnership with cortEXplore in 2019.

Looking at the brain and blood vessels prior to surgery
Neurosurgeon Priv. Doz. Dr. Matthias Gmeiner used the system for the first time and described the advantages: "These glasses give me an opportunity to look directly at the patient’s brain and the blood vessels in 3D during surgery, even before the procedure." The Linz-based, start-up company, cortEXplore, is providing the navigational technology used during the studies. The company focuses on digitalizing the ‘operating room of the future’ and company representatives added: "In the future, surgeons and supporting technologies will merge even more effectively in the operating room."

State-of-the-art technology made in Upper Austria
Professor Andreas Gruber also pointed out: "Neurosurgery is one of only a handful of medical disciplines that depend on medical advancements in technology. Thanks to outstanding innovation in this field, we can support medical advancement and increase patient safety. The fact that the applied technology was developed by an Upper Austrian company, whose director conducted research on this procedure at Rockefeller University in New York himself, further reinforces the way Linz is growing a university medical center."