TUSAIL: Industrial Process Simulations

Testing small batches of powder to draw conclusions regarding larger quantities: Across industry, upscaling methods are in high demand.

Screenshot video TUSAIL: photo credit: University of Edinburgh
Screenshot video TUSAIL: photo credit: University of Edinburgh

TUSAIL, opens an external URL in a new window, a project also involving the JKU, focuses on this very topic. Researchers begin by characterizing a small amount of a powder and then, by means of reliable upscaling methods and tools designed to close the gap between the micromechanics and industrial scale, they develop a physical model to predict how large industrial operating units and processes will react.

Associate Professor Stefan Pirker (Department of Particulate Flow Modelling) remarked: "When academic researchers and industrial researchers share information, we are not only capable of generating new ideas, we can also drive efficient, application-oriented base-knowledge research forward. This is most definitely the case when it comes to TUSAIL, an international training network bringing 15 Ph.D. candidates from renowned universities and strong industrial partners from across Europe together. The JKU is taking part in TUSAIL with two dissertations in the fields of hybrid and data-driven particulate flows."

Funded by Horizon 2020, TUSAIL is an innovative training network managed by the University of Edinburgh and involving 15 academic and industrial partners. TUSAIL is short for "Training in Upscaling Particle Systems: Advancing Industry Across Length Scales". Over a four-year period, TUSAIL will educate and train 15 junior scientists.

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