There is No Progress Without a Foundation. Study STEM at the JKU now!

Do you stream music and use your earpods to enjoy the latest hits? Do you use your navigation system to get around? Do you shop online? Do you use your smartphone to communicate?

7 STEM rock stars have transformed the world and they all have 1 thing in common: If it weren't for a strong technical and scientific foundation, expertise, and cutting-edge research, we would not be experiencing the progress we have become familiar with today.


Have YOU ever thought about a STEM degree?

The JKU is home to technology, engineering, natural sciences, and digitalization.

ArtificiaI Intelligence, Computer Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry. Upper Austria's largest institution of education and research, the Johannes Kepler University Linz, could be a dynamic and attractive playground to support YOUR foundation.

Now is the time to acquire base-knowledge expertise in science to become a researcher for a new generation.

What is STEM?

STEM... is an approach to learning that integrates all areas of science, meaning mathematics, computer sciences, natural sciences, technology, and engineering.

Find the right STEM program for you. Take advantage of the opportunity now!

JKU Professors Share Some Insight


...will always be important in the future. While there are new discoveries all of the time, we still need the physical principles and laws that have always been true in our world. Prof. Alberta Bonanni tells us more about it:

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Computer Science paving the way to the future. By acquiring expertise in this subject area, you can help to create the future's digital gadgets. Prof. Gabriele Anderst-Kotsis tells us more:

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... covers the spectrum between electrical and mechanical engineering, with a sound dash of computer science and digitalization. Living out interdisciplinary thinking at the JKU! Let Prof. Bernhard Jakoby tell you more about it:

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Why Study STEM at the JKU?

When it comes to STEM subjects, the JKU is a rock star. Mathematics, computer sciences, natural sciences, and engineering have experienced trailblazing growth, a pioneering spirit, groundbreaking innovation, cutting-edge experiments, and a strong sense of tradition for over 50 years! Benefit from our many years of experience:


  • Digitization is a university-wide focus, taught and included in all majors and subject areas.
  • The LIT (Linz Institute of Technology) educates you to become a graduate engineer. Learn how to think outside-of-the-box, meaning in a cross-disciplinary way, turning your ideas into reality at the OIC's (Open Innovation Center) LIT Pilot Factory. 
  • Get from Point A to Point B quickly at Austria's most beautiful university campus as distances are short. Interested in getting your invention ready for the market? Do you need to collect data or learn more about legal parameters? Go one door down and partner with colleagues at the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics & Business, or at the Faculty of Medicine. 
  • Experience diversity and real-world practices. Our 200 partner universities, numerous partnerships with industrial companies and businesses, and the JKU's corporate holdings create foundation for you that is international and practice-oriented.


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STEM Bachelor's Degree Programs

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Growth, a Pioneering Spirit, Tradition. STEM Highlights at the JKU.

Náboj 2023

The 2023 Náboj Mathematics Competition

The 8th annual international Náboj mathematics competition took place in Linz.

Re-thinking plastic

Modern Education in Polymer Engineering Technologies at the JKU

Re-thinking plastics! Making plastic in a new way! The JKU is taking education in polymer engineering to a new level by introducing three new degree…

From left: Mayor Klaus Luger, Jeremiah Diephuis, MA BA (Digital Media Department, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria), Assoz.-Prof. DI Dr. Ingrid Graz (Johannes Kepler University Linz), Dietmar Prammer (City Planning Commissioner), and Oliver Schrot, PhD (Climate Coordinator for Linz); Photo credit: Peter Rößl

ECOPOLIS - Young People Explore Climate Policy

The ECOPOLIS project aims to improve communication between young people and the government.

Lecture Hall Insights

Which professor is particularly tough? Where is the best place to eat on campus? What should I take into account when starting my studies?

Listen in as our students talk about everyday life at the JKU and give you first-hand insight into STEM programs, such as Artificial Intelligence, Technical Mathematics, Mechatronics, and many more. Click here to listen to our student podcast series!

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