A Successful 2-Year Evaluation of the CDL-AgePol

The Christian Doppler Laboratory, AgePol, has successfully passed its evaluation and an extension has been approved.

Impressions from the grand opening of the CD Lab
Impressions from the grand opening of the CD Lab

The first research period at the CD Laboratory for Aging of Polymer Laminates under Mechanical Stress and Environmental Exposure drew to a close and the corresponding report was submitted to the Christian Doppler Research Foundation in April 2022. The two-year evaluation session was held virtually on May 11 and chaired by Prof. Hans Irschik, (chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board at the Christian Doppler Society and a former JKU Vice-Rector). The video conference also featured an external reviewer, an internationally recognized and renowned polymer physicist with expertise in the long-term and aging behavior of functional laminates, such as fuel cell membranes, photovoltaic modules, capacitors, and vacuum insulation panels.

At the start of the review session, Prof. Gernot Wallner (head of CDL-AgePol), provided an overview, including information about the CD lab and its activities. R. Pugstaller (a post-doc candidate) along with PhD candidates (C. Marchfelder, G. Säckl, G. Riedl, M. Tiefenthaler, L. Peham) held outstanding presentations about key progress points and scientific accomplishments in regard to the two “tasks” and four “subtasks”. Following a progressive discussion about the lab’s future and ambitious research plans, industrial partners, voestalpine Stahl and BOREALIS, explicitly expressed their strong interest in the joint research initiative CDL-AgePol and its targeted benefits.

The CD Lab opened its doors on September 1, 2020, and operations have been extended to August 31, 2028.