Research Profile.

Space for the Best!

The following university-wide research priorities are defined in JKU's current development plan:

  • Digital Transformation:The focus of this priority is digitalization, whose impact extends far beyond technological development itself. Its extreme potential comes to fruition when it is thought of as interconnected, which is why all scientific disciplines at JKU are called upon for this focus.
  • Sustainable Development: Responsible Technologies & Management: With its scientific disciplines, JKU covers numerous core areas of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, opens an external URL in a new window defined by the United Nations. In its role as a forward-thinking laboratory for the future of society, JKU's research in this focus area contributes to sustainable development in light of the global climate crisis and the threat to vital resources.

At the Linz Institute of Technology (LIT), opens an external URL in a new window several research labs and international research groups conduct application-oriented technological research, including on artificial intelligence and cyber security.

At the newly founded Kurt Rothschild School of Economics and Statistics, opens an external URL in a new window research focuses on epidemiology & public health, the future of work and data science.

Space for Quality.

Assessing the quality of scientific achievement and performance isn't easy. To ensure high quality, the JKU adheres to several generally accepted guidelines and takes various measures:

Many prestigious scientific and academic awards have been presented to JKU researchers. We have a variety of collaborations with other research institutions and business partners around the globe. We have many diverse, successful patent applications. All of this shows that the JKU research is high quality research.