Campus 4.0 Association - Association to Support Campus Culture.

The Johannes Kepler University was built around the university pond. Just a little over 50 years later, the JKU put a structure in the middle of the pond and built a 'floating' venue: the JKU TeichWerk.

Built on 400 m² of space, a new place to come together was created. The venue features a bar, coffee house, stage and serves as a think-tank and event location.

The association aims to support academia, science, education, and the arts at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz.

Campus 4.0 Association


Altenberger Straße 69
4040 Linz


Schloss Auhof, 2nd Floor


+43 732 2468 3315

Association Members

The association members are:

  • Johannes Kepler University Linz
  •  Federation of Austrian Industry Upper Austria
  • Student Union at the Johannes Kepler University

Univ. Prof. Dr. Meinhard Lukas

Deputy Obman
Dr. Joachim Haindl-Grutsch

Mag. Alexander Freischlager

Edin Kustura

Dr. Helmut Mayr
Mag. Gerhard Mühlbacher

Office Management
Margit Haider

Renting the TeichWerk

The TeichWerk can be rented for a fee to host exclusive events (company evenings, celebrations, etc. ...).

The following rules and regulations apply:

  • All consumption of food & drink is to be settled directly with the restaurateur, the Good Karma Gastro Ltd.
  • For organizations associated with the JKU (associated companies, associations such as the Kepler Society, externally funded institutes, etc.), reimbursement for costs pertaining to co-organization, supervision and consulting for an exclusive event in support of academia/science and the arts on the JKU campus is € 300 plus VAT.
  • For external companies or organizations, reimbursement of costs for an exclusive event is € 500 plus VAT.
  • The association will charge the costs directly to the organizing organization.
  • The fee is determined individually for reserving the TeichWerk all-day or integrating the TeichWerk as part of events such as Career Day or conferences (and depending on the effort involved).
  • For inquiries, the associations Treasurer Mag. Alexander Freischlager, will render a decision regarding reduced prices or a discount.
  • Make reservations directly with the restaurant operator, Good Karma Gastro Ltd. Ms. Margit Haider, - is responsible for the billing of exclusive events - all catering expenses will be billed by the operator.

Send inquiries to


+43 732 2468 6928