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The Sky's the Limit:
The JKU Astros Women's Team Advances to the Play-Offs
The Sky's the Limit:
The JKU Astros Women's Team Advances to the Play-Offs

The WU Tigers were outscored 99:23.

Lovelace, Hubble, JKU. Lovelace, Hubble, JKU.

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Transformation Studies. Art x Science. Transformation Studies. Art x Science.

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A whole new level of education in polymer engineering! New degree programs in sustainable polymers starting in 2023.

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Current Safety Protocols to Combat the Coronavirus at the JKU.

Updated precautionary protocols to combat the pandemic.
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News 27.01.2023

JKU Researchers Extend the Storage Time of Quantum Information in Semiconductor Nanostructures

All over the world, governments and companies are conducting research to create a new type of computer - quantum computers. The road to commercial viability, however, is long and arduous.

News 26.01.2023

The JKU Aims to be Climate Neutral by 2030

As part of the university’s current 2022-2024 performance agreement, the JKU Linz has declared its commitment to becoming CO2 neutral by 2030.

Simon Moser and Maria Buchmayr
News 25.01.2023

The Student Plastics Challenge - 9 Hours of Innovative CSR

By holding a student challenge, the LIT OIC and "Teach for Austria" sought to draw attention to the importance of sustainability.

The Challenge participants; Photo credit: Fotosisa
News 24.01.2023

Carmen Kainz Wins Gold and Silver at World University Games

The 21-year-old JKU law student took home two medals from the games in Lake Placid.

„I appreciate the personal contact with professors and the strong education curriculum at the JKU that includes insight into current research.“
Lukas Kehrer
Teacher Education Studies Math and Physics


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