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Gender Research Day Gender Research Day

Diversity, gender studies and equality -
the long road to a more equal world.


Mission 2030: A Climate-Neutral JKU. Mission 2030: A Climate-Neutral JKU.

Is it even possible to be climate-neutral by 2030? The answer is yes - but only by pulling together! Learn more about the JKU's ambitious goal - and how we can all play our part.
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Re-Thinking the Future of Plastic. Re-Thinking the Future of Plastic.

A whole new level of education in polymer engineering! New degree programs in sustainable polymers starting in 2023.

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News 06.12.2023

The Linz Science Slam, featuring Many JKU Hopefuls

Researchers and scholars enthralled the Posthof audience with their fascinating, fun, and inspiring presentations.

News 06.12.2023

Students Invited to the Federal Fiscal Court

Law students take part in a legal hearing to experience real-world practices in law.

Students visiting the Federal Fiscal Court; Photo credit: JKU
News 06.12.2023

A €16 Million Project between the JKU and Industrial Companies to Reduce CO2 Emissions

The solution could be alcohol after all: The JKU has introduced a revolutionary process to convert CO2 into industrial alcohol or gases.

Professor Schöfberger
News 06.12.2023

A Workshop “Constitutional Issues of the ECB’s Monetary Policy” at the JKU

The workshop “Constitutional Issues of the ECB’s Monetary Policy” took place at the JKU in November.

„I decided to study physics at the JKU so I could acquire a solid, hands-on base-knowledge education that can be immediately applied to solve current issues facing research and industry.“
Wolfgang Schlögelhofer, BSc
Graduate of the Bachelor's Degree Program in Technical Physics
Wolfgang Schlögelhofer


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