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The 2022 Festival University Wants You! The 2022 Festival University Wants You!

Welcome to Planet B - A Different Life is Possible. But How?
Together with you, we aim to find out between August 18 and September 14.
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This was the "Long Night of Writing" This was the second annual "Long Night of Writing"

Overcoming Writer's Block: A night of workshops, hands-on tips and advice at the Learning Center.
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A New Program in the Fall:
A Master's in Digital Society.
A New Program in the Fall:
A Master's in Digital Society.

Drive digitalization forward as you shape society's digital future.
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Current Safety Protocols to Combat the Coronavirus at the JKU.

Updated precautionary protocols to combat the pandemic.
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News 09.08.2022

The JKU and Ars Electronica Come Together to Organize the Second Annual Festival University

Organized by the Johannes Kepler University Linz and Ars Electronica, this second annual summer university program will take place between August 18 and September 14, 2022. Over 200 participants from over 70 countries will explore just how we - as a global community - can respond to the impact of climate change.

News 08.08.2022

Smart Actuators Day at the JKU

Using smart actuators to help address current social challenges.

News 04.08.2022

Watch the Second Edition of JKU medTALK

"Factor Gender - Personalisierte Medizin in einer diversen Gesellschaft" - The second edition in the JKU medTALK series focused on this engaging and hot topic.

News 02.08.2022

A JKU Economist is Advising Antilles Island about Tax Adjustment

Aruba is planning to amend its tax system and raise taxes. Economist Friedrich Schneider is providing the government with expert advice.

„What I love about the JKU most? The campus is both a place where I can study and enjoy my free time. The relaxing atmosphere encourages impromptu get-togethers with friends and reduces the stress of studying!“
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