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The 2024 JKU Campus Run
Race Around Austria's Most Beautiful Campus
The 2024 JKU Campus Run
Race Around Austria's Most Beautiful Campus

Run a relay or run just for fun -
sign up for the Campus Run on June 5 at the JKU!
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Space for Diversity. Space for Diversity.

2024 marks the first time the JKU will celebrate Pride Month in June in addition to Diversity Month in May.
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Dance the Kepler! A must for ball fans on June 14, 2024. Dance the Kepler! A must for ball fans on June 14, 2024.

Party until you see stars! For one night only, the JKU will turn into a ballroom! Get your tickets now!
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2024 EU Elections - Take Part and Vote!

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News 23.05.2024

Math Olympians at the JKU

School students took part in a Math Olympiad preparation day at the JKU.

News 23.05.2024

FLINK – The JKU Math App Earns a Quality Seal

"FLINK in Math", a JKU project, earned a learning app quality seal.

Presentation of the quality seal (Krenn second from right); Photo credit: Innovation Salzburg/Benedikt Schemmer
News 21.05.2024

JKU Involvement in SUSTAINair: A Circular Economy in European Aviation

The Johannes Kepler University Linz is also conducting research into sustainable aviation.

SUSTAINair 2024; Credit: SUSTAINair
News 21.05.2024

JKU Research: Toxic-Free Lithium Batteries and More Energy-Efficient Manufacturing

Researchers developed a natural-substance binding agent for the current carrying pole (cathode).

„I have been most impressed with the personal aspects and the new educational concept. I like the module system and studying in both Linz and Graz - it's especially enriching.“
Dr.in med. univ. Anna Brauner
Graduate of Bachelor's and Master's degree programme in Human Medicine
Anna Brauner


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