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Current Safety Protocols to Combat the Coronavirus at the JKU.

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News 15.11.2020

Current Information about the Coronavirus - Rector's Appeal

In lieu of the current developments regarding the SARS-CoV-2 virus ("Coronavirus"), we would like to inform you accordingly.

News 03.05.2021

The LIT OIC Introduces Itself: CHASE Competence Center

Using digitalization to support sustainability - Patrick Pammer (CHASE Competence Center) explains just how this works.

News 29.04.2021

The JKU and Dynatrace aim to turn Austria into a Digitization Hotspot

In the future, software will be fully automated, self-healing and self-shielding.

News 29.04.2021

Dean Michael Mayrhofer is New Constitutional Court Substitute Member

The Dean of the JKU Faculty of Law has been appointed as a substitute member of the Constitutional Court.

„For me, the advantages of being in a larger city like Linz but still enjoying the outdoors, plus the extensive range of courses in natural sciences is what makes the JKU the perfect place to study.“
Magdalena Freudenthaler
Graduate of Teacher Education Studies in Math and Physics


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