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Don't Miss the 2023 JKU Campus Run Don't Miss the 2023 JKU Campus Run

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Lecture Hall Insights: The final
installment of the JKU Alumni
Podcast series.
Lecture Hall Insights: The final installment of the JKU Alumni Podcast series.

Listen in as Andrea Stürzlinger, head of Finanz-Online, talks about culture shock after moving to the Austrian Ministry of Finance in Vienna, and why she spent a lot of time in the LUI beer garden during her studies.
Header Andrea Stürzlinger; Credit: Simlinger

University Medicine provides
high-quality patient and health care.
University Medicine provides
high-quality patient and health care.

Cutting-edge research and outstanding care: How University Medicine serves patients in Upper Austria.
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News 01.06.2023

A Conference on Climate and Species Protection at the JKU

Protecting the climate and species are important, but how can policies be legally enforced?

News 01.06.2023

A JKU Study Explores the Use of Digital Devices to Boost Education in Mathematics

JKU researchers at the School of Education conducted a study at Austria’s schools to study the use and acceptance of educational technologies.

Child using an iPad; photo credit: Pixabay
News 26.05.2023

The Minister of Defense Meets with the Legal Defense Representatives

Prof. Sigmar Stadlmeier extended an invitation to the legal protection officers at various Austrian ministries to meet in Reichenau.

F.l.: ao. Univ. Prof. Dr. Sigmar Stadlmeier (Legal Protection Officer at the Austrian Federal Minister of Defence; Mag. Klaudia Tanner (Austrian) Federal Minister of Defense; Gen. Prok. i.R., Prof. Dr. Ernst Eugen Fabrizy (Legal Protection Officer at the Austrian Federal Ministery of the Interior) ltStA i.R. Dr. Robert Jirovsky, Austrian Federal Minister of Defense at the Austrian Federal Ministery of Justice; photo credit: Austrian Army/Carina Karlovits
News 24.05.2023

A JKU Study Provides New Insight into the Evolution of Aortic Aneurysms

A recent JKU study is shedding light on the formation of aortic aneurysms, a pathological dilatation of the aorta.

„What I love about the JKU most? The campus is both a place where I can study and enjoy my free time. The relaxing atmosphere encourages impromptu get-togethers with friends and reduces the stress of studying!“
Christina Lehner, MSc
Graduate of the Bachelor's Degree Program Business Administration
Christina Lehner


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