Our Educational Concept.

Our Goals & Objectives

  1. Our educational concept and program focuses on the children and their individual needs and their wishes.

  2. Our various activities encourage the children to explore and use all of their skills.

  3. Children progress differently and our patient caregivers support all initial stages of development.

  4. Consistency and a regular schedule give children a sense of security, making it easier for them to find their way and settle into everyday life.

  5. Our program and activities nurture children and prepare them to successfully continue on to school or other institutions.

  6. Our hours are based on a survey designed to take students' class times into account and are agreed upon individually together with the management.

The Educational Aspects

We focus on the child’s individual needs and wishes and raising his/her to be more independent.

We give children the space they need to grow and enhance their skills as part of an environment that supports the joy of discovery, a drive to learn, and be independent.

The children are mentored by educators and can grow and develop their individual personalities in a loving and nurturing environment

During free play, the child can decide for himself/herself

  • what,
  • what whom,
  • where and
  • how long to play.

In this way, the child can learn

  • without being forced,
  • without pressure,
  • to act in his/her own interest,
  • in peance,
  • without fear and
  • in a playful way.

The "prepared environment" is an important part of the educational process because without it, free play would be impossible. In this regard, the environment should be welcoming, inviting to children, and age-appropriate.

We support and guide children as they learn to be indepent and discover new things.

The environment adapts to the child and not the other way aroundt!

The Daily Program and Schedule

A daily routine depends on the entire group of children and we offer and encourage opportunities to play freely, do arts & crafts, develop fine motor skills, move & exercise, practice using larger motor skills/balance, play at the playground, experience nature, etc...).


Thanks to our various spaces, children can explore their various senses, take advantage of the space we offer, and, of course, play at our playground area.

  • The Group Room
    Our spacious group room is place where children can explore freely. The room contains a building and construction corner, a living room and kitchen area, as well as tables and chairs to play together with others (bead threading, puzzles, marbles, or peg games).
  • The Cuddle Corner
    This is a place where children can retreat and rest a little.
    There are pillows, blankets, different stuffed animals, and they can create their own 'quiet haven'.
    There are also books that the children can access whenever they want.
  • The Activity Room
    The activity room is a large space for children to be active and practice walking balancing lines, listen to music, dance, etc. There is a small, popular obstacle course to encourage  fun and play.
  • Arts & Crafts
    Arts & crafts time is an opportunity to encourage children to use all of their senses. We offer age-appropriate activites that let us take advantage of the different seasons throughout the year. We also supervise activities such as painting, coloring, working with different materials, working with clay, etc.

We focus on providing nuturing support and encouragement to help your child grow in a healthy, happy way!