Clinical Traineeship in Human Medicine.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor's degree program in Human Medicine are required to complete a mandatory 4-week (125 hours) clinical traineeship. Students in the Master's degree program must complete an 8-week (250 hours) clinical traineeship.

In accordance with the Physicians Act § 49 (4) (5), clinical traineeships are considered an internship and must be completed at clinical department, or clinic, or at a teaching medical practice. You can complete the clinical traineeship during lecture-free periods. Please read the guidelines for mandatory clinical traineeships at the JKU.

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Clinical Traineeship

Before beginning the clinical internship you must complete successfully a clinical internship license (see: Medical University of Graz), opens an external URL in a new window or the courses "Professional doctor-patient interaction I and II" (Johannes Kepler University Linz - see Curriculum Bachelor's Programme Human Medicine or Study Guide).

The clinical traineeship is mandatory and each student is responsible for organizing the internship for himself/herself. Once you have completed the initial paperwork, you must submit it to famulatur(at) for approval.

You must complete the clinical internship at a teaching hospital in Austria or abroad or at a teaching medical practice in Austria. You can find a list of teaching hospitals/teaching medical practices and information about teaching hospitals/teaching medical practices on the following pages:

If you would like to complete the clinical internship at a general medical practice in Austria and the medical practice is not listed in the above-mentioned directories, an additional confirmation, opens a file of the application must be attached.


You can apply for the credit transfer of the completed clinical internships under famulatur(at) Only mandatory clinical traineeships completed at public teaching hospitals/teaching medical practices can be approved. The respective teaching hospital/teaching medical practice must confirm that the student successfully completed the clinical traineeship. Use the following confirmation form:

Confirmation Clinical Internship, opens a file (25KB)

You must enter the following information on the form:

  • Name of the hospital and the the department or teaching medical practice where you completed the clinical internship.
  • The exact dates you completed the internship.
  • Signature and stamp from the department/medical practice where you completed the clinical traineeship.

If you wish to receive credit for a mandatory clinical traineeship abroad in order to fulfill the program requirements, you must submit a pre-approval form to famulatur(at) Please use the following form:

Pre-Approval Form - Clinical Internship Abroad, opens a file (25KB)

The pre-approval form helps to ensure that once you have completed the clinical internship abroad you will receive credit toward fulfilling the program requirements.

In order to get pre-approved credit transfer for a clinical internship abroad, students organizing their internship must make sure the internship is completed at a public teaching hospital. Please include confirmation issued by the hospital for pre-approved credit transfer.

We strongly recommend thoroughly documenting your clinical internship abroad in a detailed and verifiable manner (such as keeping shared reports, hospital photos, working hours per week, etc.)

If you need a "supporting letter" in order to organize your clinical internship abroad, then please send the completed application form, opens a file to famulatur(at)

After completing a clinical internship abroad, students must fill out and submit the following confirmation form (in German or English).

You can find information about the clinical internship abroad or the offer of clinical internship abroad here, opens an external URL in a new window.