Not All Courses with Dates and Information are Stored for My Major - Why?

Courses Offered by Educational Partner Institutions

Majors offered together in cooperation with other educational institutions (such Teacher Education Studies, as well as Biological Chemistry, etc), display course content analogous to the curriculum however, not everything is stored with detailed information by the course registration dates.

The first development stage will show the courses in the Bachelor's degree program in Teacher Education Studies, secondary level (general education) in "Cluster Mitte".

This new feature is still being developed and you may encounter the following limitations:

  • Not all courses can be allocated as the systems are different. Certain courses offered at educational partner institutions cannot be allocated and shown.
    Please note the information provided in the partner institution's registration system.
    See the information section at Bachelor's degree program in Teacher Education Studies, Secondary Level (General Education) for courses offered in the Linz area.
  • The course search feature is currently limited to searching the course title only; students cannot search courses using the course number, course instructor, etc.
  • There is no information about the type of course available and using the "Type of Course" filter is not particularly effective.
  • The search feature "Courses Detail Search" does not include these courses.