Nostrification is the official recognition of a foreign university degree as being comparable to an academic degree earned at an Austrian university. The nostrification procedure is conducted at the JKU, providing the JKU offers the same degree.

You may be required to have your international degree officially recognized in Austria in order to actively practice some professions (for example, a medical physician).
If you intend to pursue a continuing degree at the JKU, you do not need to complete the nostrification procedure.



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Getting Your Degree Officially Recognized:

Who Can Submit an Application of Recognition (Nostrification)?

Students who hold international degrees and wish to engage in professional activities or continue their education in Austria must submit an application to have the degree officially recognized.  A range of academic professions are governed by their own directives within the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, allowing nationals from these countries to engage in their profession. In these cases, submitting an application to have a degree recognized is not necessary and thus not possible.

Where Can I Submit an Application?

You can apply for the nostrification procedure at any Austrian university or college that offers a comparable degree. In many cases, you can consider submitting an application at one of several universities or colleges. You can choose where you would like to submit your application to have your degree reviewed and officially recognized. Please note that you can only submit your application to a university.

Some degrees will be subject to a separate procedure (see below) but in general, you can submit your application to the Johannes Kepler University at the Admissions Office (Bank Building, 1st Floor, Room 113B). Kindly make an appointment in advance by calling +43 732/2468-2010.

What Documents are Required?

1. Valid passport,
2. Proof beyond question for the Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs to confirm the status/quality of the foreign post-secondary educational institution as equivalent to a recognized Austrian post-secondary educational institution,
3. Proof regarding the completion of studies at the foreign post-secondary educational institution, even if the Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs is familiar with the institution (transcripts of records, examination certificates, curriculum)
4. Certification conferring an academic title or the successful completion of an academic degree program as evidence issued for the completion of academic studies (conferral diploma, diploma)
5. The legal regulations confirming the necessity to pursue nostrification as well as the grounds for the application of these regulations by the applicant (provide the profession you intend to pursue)

The documents must be submitted either in the original or as a certified copy. The conferral diploma must always be presented in the original.

Documents in a language other than German must be translated. As per international agreements, all international documents must be duly certified.

How Much Does It Cost?

A nostrification tax applies and a fee of €150 must be paid in advance.

Additional option: Assessment of university qualifications for professional purposes

In addition to the nostrification, there is the possibility of an evaluation of university qualifications for professional purposes by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. Please follow the following link: