Preparation Course in Mathematics for Teacher Education Studies.

Beginning a teacher education program to earn a teaching degree in mathematics can be particularly challenging. The coronavirus pandemic has added to the challenges. In lieu of the current siutation, we are offering newly enrolled students the opportunity to take part in a special program during Winter Semester 2021 designed to review key mathematical concepts and start the program off on the right foot.

The program consists of two sections:

  1. Vorbereitungskurs Mathematik für Lehramt
  2. Trainingsblöcke im Laufe des ersten Semesters

Key Facts



Course Management

Paul Schranz

Pre-Semester Preparation Courses in Mathematics for Teacher Education

Sign Up

Students must register in advance to attend. Sign up via PH-Online for the course "SeBFMathVo Vorbereitungskurs Studium Mathematik" (register between 21.7. - 16.9.2021). If you need assistance, contact Ms. Edith Schabes (

Registered students will receive information for the course by no later than Friday, 17.09.2021.

Target Group

The preparation course Mathematics for Teacher Education is aimed at all first-year students in the Teacher Education for Mathematics program. The course has been revamped and adjusted to the needs of first-year students in the new teacher training program, including a review of base-knowledge topics for the study of mathematics.

While the new approach to mathematics during studies is exciting, it can sometimes be difficult to adjust from the school system to studying mathematics at a university level, even for students who did well in mathematics at school. In this regard, the course is recommended for all first-year students.


Although the use of new technologies at schools and in mathematics is becoming increasingly important, educators need to still be able to solve mathematical problems without the use of technical aids and justify each individual step in the calculation.

The prep course reviews selected content from the school curricula in mathematics. This content will be required during the course of studies and is a prerequisite for many courses.  Being able to address these tipics confidently will greatly facilitate understanding new content during the course of studies.

The course is divided as follows and the material will be covered during the 5 afternoon sessions.

  1. Umformen, Vereinfachen, Brüche und Doppelbrüche, Rechnen mit Potenzen, äquivalente Schreibweisen.
  2. Gleichungen ersten und zweiten Grades lösen: Techniken und geometrische Bedeutung. Lösen von einfachen Gleichungen von Grad größer als zwei. Gleichungssysteme lösen.
  3. Ungleichungen ersten und zweiten Grades lösen: Techniken und geometrische Bedeutung. Systeme von Ungleichungen lösen.
  4. Elementare Funktionen: Exponentialfunktion, Logarithmusfunktion, Potenzfunktion, Trigonometrische Funktionen und deren Definitionsmengen.
  5. Lösung von Gleichungen die die elementaren Funktionen enthalten. Rechnen mit Exponentialfunktionen und Logarithmen. Kurze Erinnerung an die Vektorrechnung.


Mag. Paul Schranz


Pädagogische Hochschule Oberösterreich,
Dr. Lucia Del Chicca,


Monday, Sept. 20, Tues, Sept. 21, Wed., Sept. 22, Mon., Sept. 27, and Tues, Sept. 28 between 2:00 - 7:00 PM


Pädagogische Hochschule OÖ, 4020 Linz,
Kaplanhofstraße 40,
HS 4, ground floor

Class Sessions during the First Semester

Sign Up

Students are required to sign up in advance for organizational reasons. Details about when and where to register will be announced during the STEOP course: "Einführung in das Mathematikstudium und dessen Umfeld".

Target Group

Winter Semester 2021 for first-year students in the Teacher Education in Mathematics program.

Did you decide to enroll in this program at the last minute and unfortunately miss the preparation courses? Were parts of the course too fast for you? Or did you realize during the course of the first semester that you need to practice some topics more because you lack confidence? Then these class sessions will bne just right for you!


These 6 workshops (class sessions) are spread out throughout the first semester of the program.  The workshops build on the preparation courses and serve to review the content from those classes. Student tutors will be there to assist students. This classroom setting is less formal and focuses on discussing various solutions to the exercises, providing feedback, and analyzing errors.


Pädagogische Hochschule Oberösterreich,
Dr. Lucia Del Chicca,


Blocked sessions, most likely on Friday afternoons or weekends, during the first semester,
dates will be organized  together with newly enrolled students.