Proof of Language Proficiency for a Doctorate Degree Program.

In consultation with your doctorate supervisor, you can select which language you would like to write your dissertation in.

When applying for admission to a doctorate degree program, the applicant must provide proof of language proficiency in German. Submitting proof of language proficiency in German may be waived if German is not required in order to successfully continue studies providing:

  • the applicant has outstanding foreign language skills and,
  • the dissertation will be written in that particular language and can be supervised and graded in that language by a person authorized to supervise a doctoral dissertation, and
  • the candidate is able to take required examinations as listed in the curriculum - or stated as a condition in the admission letter - in that language.

The intended dissertation supervisor must confirm that the requirements have been fulfilled. The applicant must enclosed written confirmation by the dissertation supervisor along with the application for admission to the program.