Personnel changes at the Department of Corporate Finance

[Translate to Englisch:] Dr. Anna Gappmaier, M.Sc., BA und Jakob Burian, MSc, BSc

We are pleased to inform you about the current personnel developments at the Department of Corporate Finance.

Dr. Anna Gappmaier has been a valued member of the Department of Corporate Finance since 2019. Over the past four and a half years she has shown exceptional commitment to research as well as teaching. This dedication was rewarded with the graduation of her doctoral studies last fall. As a result, she ended her work as a university assistant in February 2024 and has now joined the risk management team at Raiffeisenlandesbank OÖ. However, Dr. Anna Gappmaier will continue to support the Department of Corporate Finance and will remain active as a lecturer at the institute.

Following Dr. Anna Gappmaier's graduation, the position of University Assistant has now been successfully handed over to a new team member on March 15, 2024. We are excited to welcome Jakob Burian, BSc, MSc, as new University Assistant at the Department of Corporate Finance.

Jakob Burian has already completed his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and his Master's degree in Finance & Accounting at the Johannes Kepler University. The start as a University Assistant also marks the beginning of his doctoral studies in Social Sciences, Economics & Business. His enthusiasm for corporate finance, along with his expertise will be a valuable contribution to the Institute's teaching and research activities.

We look forward to a promising collaboration and wish him all the best!