Research on Ukrainian- Russio Conflict - How can social entrepreneurs create and maintain hope in humanitarian crises?

Research on Ukrainian- Russio Conflict

Over the past months, Europe has been shaken by several crises that require quick and targeted action in order to counteract social problems as effectively and efficiently as possible. As negative as these developments are, the arising social problems call for action and pose opportunities for social entrepreneurs to address them. But how do social entrepreneurs manage to tackle these problems in crisis situations in the best possible way, address the right problems, and safely scale existing solutions?
The head of the institute for entrepreneurship Elisabeth Berger has teamed up with five entrepreneurship researchers from various European countries to find answers to precisely these questions. Together with Andreas Kuckertz (University of Hohenheim), Ondrej Dvoulety (Prague University of Economics and Business), Rainer Harms (University of Twente), Sarah Jack (Stockholm School of Economics) and Ewald Kibler (Aalto University) they discussed opportunities and challenges of socialentrepreneurs in humanitarian crises. Their work also sheds light on the role of creating and maintaining hope in this context.
The results of their research area now published in the paper "Scaling the right answers - Creating and maintaining hope through social entrepreneurship in light of humanitarian crises" in the Journal of Business Venturing Insights.

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