Rigorosum Dr. Anna Gappmaier

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On October 25, Anna Gappmaier (research assistant, Institute of Finance, Department of Corporate Finance) reached the final milestone of her doctorate with her rigorosum.

The dissertation entitled "The influence of ESG on credit risk - an analysis of European corporate bond issues" was presented and defended. The dissertation analyzes the hot topic of sustainability or ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) from a creditor perspective. This study makes a comprehensive contribution to research as well as to practice. ESG is highly relevant for corporate management, banks and investors due to increased regulation.

The rigorosum was supervised by the senate around Prof. Dr. Helmut Pernsteiner, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eva Wagner and Prof. Dr. Teodoro D. Cocca and was passed with distinction. We congratulate Dr. Anna Gappmaier on obtaining her doctorate!