SMS Toronto - Annual Conference 2023

How will AI influence strategy processes in companies and strategy training?

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Sabine Reisinger, Sabine Baumann, Kristina McElheran and Maciej Workiewicz provided exciting insights into this question at this year's Strategic Management Society conference in Toronto. They discussed what impact AI will have on strategic management and what consequences this will have for the training of future strategists.

Sabine Reisinger: "My conclusion is clear: AI is here to stay and its presence is already changing the way we work, live and learn. To be successful, we need to master the use of different types of artificial intelligence. We should already familiarize ourselves with its fundamentals, practical applications and limitations within our field of work. Experimentation, reflection, understanding and evaluation will become increasingly important in a world with AI. Currently, we see AI much like the blind man and the elephant. We can identify various aspects, but we can only speculate about the overall impact of AI on our society and economy."