- the challenger from China vs. the big shot from America

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TEMU has caught the attention of online shoppers in Austria. Can the challenger from China compete with the big shot Amazon? The latest analysis by the Institute for Retailing, Sales and Marketing (IHaM) answers this question.

TEMU is rapidly gaining recognition in Austria - not least due to high advertising pressure in social media channels. 76% of online shoppers have already heard or read about TEMU. Almost all online shoppers in Austria are familiar with Amazon (98%).

23% of online shoppers in Austria have already shopped at TEMU in the first year of market entry, while 91% order from Amazon. Amazon scores with fast, reliable deliveries - TEMU with cheap products and both with a large selection. Amazon will also have a clear lead when it comes to Christmas shopping this year.

Although Amazon clearly wins the direct comparison with TEMU, the rapidly increasing popularity of the Chinese online marketplace leaves no doubt about its ambitions on the Austrian market. The battle between the two online giants is certainly on - probably to the detriment of domestic online retail