Circular Economy Study by the Institute for Integrated Quality

An Analysis by the Institute for Integrated Quality Design: Companies are Shifting Focus to IoT

An article by the IQD focuses on the opportunities presented by a circular economy and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Adriana Estrada

Adriana Estrada Presented with the 2022 ZONTA Award

The chemist is the recipient of the 9th annual ZONTA Award. An award ceremony will take place in October.

Impressions from the Kepler Awards Ceremony

The 2022 Kepler Awards Presented for Excellence in Education

Re-thinking education: Exceptionally outstanding educators were honored as recipients of the Kepler Award.


Comments by the JKU in response to the Ministerial TU Linz Draft

Current comments and statements regarding the ministry's legislative draft for the TU Linz.

F.l.: Mössenböck, Bonanni, Schedl, Gerardo-Giorda, Schlacher

Inaugural Lectures in May: Introducing New Professors

Once again, traditional inaugural lectures by new professors at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Business & Economics and at the Faculty of Engineering…

Ernst Langthaler

Can we ask...   Should We Reject Capitalism?

We’re young, so we can: Gregor has asked our researchers to answer some of your questions!

F.l.: Julian Lamplmair and Niklas Reisner

JKU Expertise: myregionalfood – Modern Food Distribution

Is studying worth it? It’s a resounding “Yes!” by company creator Niklas Reisner.

Claudio Biscaro; photo credit: personal

Introducing Professors at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics & Business

Claudio Biscaro is a new professor at the Institute for Human Resource and Change Management

F.l.: Richard Küng, Christoph Lindinger

JKU Researcher Presented with a Venia Legendi/Habilitation Certificate

Vice-Rector Christopher Lindinger presented Richard Küng with his venia legendi/habilitation certificate.