A JKU Ad Campaign Wins the Bronze Austriacus Award

Bold, witty and effective: The JKU advertising campaign "Wir sind jung, wir dürfen das" (We are young so we can) was presented an Austrian Advertising Award.

A grand ceremony to present the Austriacus National Advertising Awards; Photo credit: Katharina Schif
A grand ceremony to present the Austriacus National Advertising Awards; Photo credit: Katharina Schif

What can or can’t we do? Can we ask difficult questions? And can we be curious? The creative and witty 2022 JKU ad campaign encouraged young people to speak up and ask bold questions as being curious and inquisitive is the only way to break up old structures and, if need be, forge new paths.

The campaign not only inspired currently enrolled students and prospective students, the selection panel for the Austriacus Advertising Award also acknowledged the idea’s effective impact, realized by the JKU together with Pulpmedia, opens an external URL in a new window. The result was winning bronze as part of the "Campaign" category!

Alexander Freischlager (JKU Vice-Rector of Campus Enhancements, Digitalization & Sustainability) accepted the award together with Pulpmedia CEO Robert Bogner and remarked: "We are thrilled to have won this outstanding award, primarily thanks to the team at the Department of University Communications along with the involved agencies. As a relatively young university, we want to take bold, innovative, and creative approaches to advertising. This is in the JKU’s DNA, setting us apart from the rest and contributing to our success."

Robert Bogner added: "We are delighted to receive the award! Being selected for the award out of over 2,000 submissions from throughout Austria confirms our efforts and the JKU will hopefully attract additional public attention. Above all, a big thank you goes to the EN GARDE agency and the JKU’s team at the Department of University Communications."

JKU Rector Stefan Koch extended his warmest congratulations: "A good academic, researcher, scientist, and scholar is naturally curious, always daring to try something new. This is what the JKU stands for, this is what we want to convey to our students, and this was campaign’s core message. The award is a testament that we have successfully gotten this message across. I am absolutely delighted and would like to congratulate everyone involved in creating the concept and launching the campaign!"

The Austriacus provides the advertising industry with a stage to showcase its creativity and expertise in the Austrian communications market. The WKO's Advertising and Market Communication Association presents the award every two years.

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