Come One, Come All! The JKU’s New Circus of Knowledge Campaign

Since the spring of 2022, JKU’s Circus of Knowledge has presented a broad range of programs for young and old alike.

Circus of Knowledge
Circus of Knowledge

The new campaign aims to attract even more Upper Austrians to the Circus. You can't help but be amazed: Robots, performers, clowns, scientists and singers take to the stage! The Circus of Knowledge is colorful, inspiring, amusing, quirky, exciting, and surprising. The Circus opens new doors and tears down walls to inspire new ways of thinking.

Visible throughout Upper Austria, the new advertising campaign focuses on the Circus’ appeal. Circus Director Airan Berg remarks: "Our new campaign shows how the Circus of Knowledge is a magical place where everyone can marvel at what they see! All you have to bring is your sense of wonder and curiosity. Our broad, eclectic program demonstrates the endless potential of bringing bring art, science and society together."

JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas pointed out: "One of a university’s most important responsibilities includes contributing to society through knowledge and technology transfer activities. This is particularly important, especially in times of increasing skepticism when it comes to science. The JKU has created the Circus of Knowledge as a place where science and art are tangible: visitors can feel it, experience it, and better understand it. In doing so, we intentionally address all age groups. We are pleased to welcome everyone to the Circus!"

The Upcoming Circus Program

A number of upcoming highlights await, including those who have already been a part of the Circus of Knowledge's own productions: legendary actor Klaus Maria Brandauer, author Heidi Kastner, director Gerhard Willert, actress Anne Bennent, accordionist Otto Lechner, puppeteer Andreas Pfaffenberger, Kamishibai virtuoso Alexandra Mayer-Pernkopf, and many more.

Fascination Jellyfish (repeat performance), beginning September 16

Under the direction of Christine Maria Krenn (HELIX projects, and part of the past production of "Fascination Octopus"), young performers magically transform musical dance theater into impressive images, asking interesting questions as they embark on a trail to learn more about jellyfish. The performance is based on the new bestseller, "Faszination Qualle – Geheimnisvolle Schönheiten", by Michael Stavarič and Michèle Ganser. Visitors ages 4+ can expect moving insight into the world of these fascinating sea creatures.

DUMMHEIT. A Journey into Infinity (repeat performance), beginning September 28

“Dummheit” is dangerous. It threatens interpersonal relationships, social cohesion, our basic democratic consensus, and our survival on this planet. Drawing on her experience as a forensic psychiatrist and neurologist, author Heidi Kastner’s book "Dummheit" (Stupidity) shows that measurable intelligence and stupidity are not necessarily mutually exclusive as she analyzes the degrees of stupidity with razor-sharp precision. This theater homage to her successful book features a spaceship carrying Earth’s last survivors, taking the audience on a journey to an unknown destination and revealing just what ultimately led to mankind’s downfall. The audience can look forward to a humor-filled performance by Barbara Falter, accompanied by Marcel Keller’s live-drawn animations.

In addition, up to Christmas, the Circus will premiere several new productions! To learn more, see:, opens an external URL in a new window


Facts & Figures about the New Circus Ad Campaign

•  Time period: Beg, mid-September to the beg. of October

•  Target area: Central Upper Austria (city light boards, info screens, poster stands) as well as all of Austria (online and social media advertising)

•  Formats: City light boards, info screens, triangular poster columns, online and social media advertising

•  In cooperation with the Linz-based ad agency, kest werbeagentur, opens an external URL in a new window

The JKU’s Circus of Knowledge

Since the spring of 2022, the Circus of Knowledge has brought the magic of science, discovery, knowledge to the stage, working together with scientists, scholars, and artists. The season-long program invites visitors to use all of their senses to discover our world. Admission is donation-based. The Circus also offers free performances for school students and school classes.