Building and Construction Law: Practice Relies on Science

The conference "Baurecht und Baustandards" featured supportive dialogue between researchers and those who work in the field.

Photo credit: Austrian Standards International, Photographer Peter Tuma
Photo credit: Austrian Standards International, Photographer Peter Tuma

Held for the first-time, the conference had been designed to allow networking between different disciplines. Regulations regarding building and construction can be challenging for the construction industry as well as for administrative agencies, courts and legislators as there are sometimes different, specific perspectives. Various perspectives were discussed at the conference, laying a foundation for future dialogue.

Univ. Prof. Barbara Leitl-Staudinger’s presentation focused on legislative possibilities to regulate the current state of engineering and technology. She introduced four control techniques and also outlined the constitutional requirements and limits. The legal expert at the JKU (Institute for Multimedia Public Law) also drew attention to how noncommittal standards can have direct or even indirect legal relevance. "When it comes to creating standards, the standardization organization must be aware of last point in particular," said Leitl-Staudinger.

NEWS 05.12.2018