The 2022 Kepler Awards Presented for Excellence in Education

Re-thinking education: Exceptionally outstanding educators were honored as recipients of the Kepler Award.

Impressions from the Kepler Awards Ceremony
Impressions from the Kepler Awards Ceremony

The JKU aims to establish new standards in teaching and education to not only become better, but also more highly visible. The Kepler Awards for Innovative Teaching debuted in 2021 and for a second time, the JKU has presented selected faculty members with the award in recognition of their ability to not only convey content particularly well, but also in an original way.

The Kepler Awards seek to facilitate new concepts, particularly in the area of digital education, and drive educational excellence in teaching forward. This initiative is a complementary supplement to existing quality criteria, such as, for example, the Ars Docendi (a state award for excellence in teaching at Austria's public universities and colleges).

The 2022 Kepler Award winners are:

The category of "Innovative Education – the Kepler Award for Teaching Innovation":

  • Assoz. Univ.Prof. Dipl.Ing. Dr. Iris Groher & Dr. Michael Vierhauser for "Einführung in die Softwareentwicklung mit Python"
  • Dr. Falko Schnicke for "Neue Medien und Arbeitstechniken - Einführung in Digital History"
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Franz Fellner for "Virtuelle Anatomie und Patho-Anatomie I"

The winner in the category of "Digital Education- the Kepler Award for Excellence in Digital Teaching" is:

  • Dr. Michael Roland, BSc MSc for "Special Topics: Smartcards & NFC"

The category of "Students Award – the Kepler Student Award for Excellent Teaching"

  • Law: Prof. Janko Andreas, Prof. Dr. David Leeb, Hon. Prof. Dr. Johannes Fischer for "Moot Court Verwaltungsgericht"
  • Social Sciences, Economics, Business: Andrea Mühlberger, M.stat. for " Einführung in die beschreibende Statistik"
  • Engineering & Natural Sciences: Dr. Heinrich Krobath für "Theoretische Thermodynamik"
  • The School of Education: Mag. Sonja Lenz for " Umgang mit Heterogenität: Individualisierung, Diagnose, Förderung, Lernprozessbegleitung (Teil der PPS)"
  • MED: OA Dr. Thomas Zaunmüller (Psychiatry) & Prim. Dr. Hertha Mayr (Psychosomatics) for "Erkrankungen der Psyche und Psychosomatik"