Macke Awards: One Week to the Finale

Three physicists have made it to the finale of the annual Macke Awards. On September 23, the finalists will compete for fame, money and bragging rights as the author of this year's best physics thesis.

Franziska Maier
Franziska Maier

The three best graduate theses from JKU degree programs in Technical Physics, Nanoscience and Technology, Biophysics, and Teacher Education Studies in Physics have been submitted to a selective jury, namely an audience of school students. The presentations have been designed to be simple, funny, and show that cutting-edge physics is not only incredibly exciting, but can also be explained in a way that everyone can understand it.

By the way: You can vote for your favorite finalist in person or online!

We would like to introduce the finalists. Today, meet:

Franziska Maier (Institute for Applied Physics)

On the Trail of the Atomic Nucleas – Join the JKU on a Trip to CERN

CERN is the world's largest research center for particle physics. It was here that Franziska Maier set an ion trap for exotic atomic nuclei and used a laser to examine the particles more closely. Her presentation will focus on how this works and why understanding atomic particles is important.

About Franziska Maier

Originally from Rohrbach, in her spare time the physicist enjoys climbing and travelling.