New Teacher Education Service Center

New central service center for student teachers in Linz (LiLeS).

In Austria, the new teacher education program is organized in four cross-state clusters. The Cluster Mitte consists of ten universities and teacher education colleges located throughout Upper Austria and Salzburg. Program graduates go on to teach at middle schools and high schools.

The six-year program consists of an eight-semester Bachelor's degree program and a four-semester Master's degree program. For the first time, students can freely select their subject combinations which no longer consist of a major and a minor. In addition, students can choose a field of specialization instead of a second subject (including pedagogy with the focus on disabilities or "religion and school").

The LiLeS (Linzer Lehramt Sekundarstufe) Service Center in Linz will serve as a central information point for future students at all participating institutions. In addition, the universities and teacher education colleges will streamline the program’s general conditions and requirements. Students can already register via a central website, and a new separate Service Center website is scheduled to launch at the end of August. Starting this fall, new program admissions will be carried out exclusively at the LiLeS Service Center. The first institution to be admitted is the Johannes Kepler University. Currently enrolled students will continue to be supervised by their first institution.

LiLeS – Core Tasks:

  • Academic advising services
  • Studies information (joint start of studies for new students)
  • Student admission
  • Credit transfer and course recognition
  • Coordinate courses offered in the program
  • Coordinate international student exchange programs (Erasmus+ programs)
  • Coordinate registration deadlines and waiting list regulations
  • Organize the admission procedure
  • Maintain the program website
  • Coordinate the curricula illustrations for partners in Linz
  • Coordinate the exchange of examination information in Linz
  • Course evaluations
  • Cooperate closely with the Service Center in Salzburg

A centrally organized center in Linz for students in the teacher education program is necessary in order to

1. pool and simplify organizational aspects (for both students and participating institutions);

2. coordinate organizational aspects for teaching more effectively in order to best use resources and allow students to finish the program within the given timeframes;

3. facilitate coordination efforts with the Service Center in Salzburg.

LiLeS will be located in Art University building: Hauptplatz 6, 4020 Linz. An opening party for newly enrolled students is planned for September 12 at 3:00 pm.

"Creating a central service center in Linz is a milestone in our efforts to better improve study conditions for students in the teacher education program. The name says it all: Students have a central point of contact to answer any questions about their studies, from academic advising services and the admissions procedure to graduation. The new service center will also coordinate the required courses between participating partner institutions, making the program coordination more effective. This makes the Cluster more tangible and provides a strong sense of camaraderie.”

Andreas Janko, Vice-Rector at the Johannes Kepler University Linz