The Dead Live Longer: 200 Years of Karl Marx

Karl Marx’ ideas and analyses seemed diminish as the Soviet Union era drew to a close. Since the 2008 financial crisis however, there has been a renewed interested in the father of communism.

Historical developments over the last century have gradually chipped away at Karl Marx’ ideas, analyses, and political ideology associated with those ideas. However, the 2008 crisis of financial capitalism have given Karl Marx’ theories new life – so much so that even when the world’s financial markets crashed, the conservative FAZ (21. 9. 2008) speculated that Marx could have possibly been right all along. The lecture series titled “Karl Marx im 21. Jahrhundert” discusses various aspects of his ideology and theories. JKU sociologist Brigitte Aulenbacher remarked, The financial crisis has resulted in social and political consequences that have strengthened the interest in Karl Marx’ theories and those who follow him.”

The lecture series has been organized by the Department of Social Theory and Social Analysis (Institute of Sociology at the Johannes Kepler University Linz), the Institute for Applied Development Policy, and the Volkshochschule Linz.

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