JKU Astros: The Sky’s the Limit as the Women’s Team Advances to the Play-Offs

The JKU Astros' women's basketball team is reaching for the stars, making it to the semifinals on the first try.

Impressions from the game; photo credit: Lukas Zottl
Impressions from the game; photo credit: Lukas Zottl

During a home game at the Kepler Hall, the JKU women's basketball team outscored the WU Tigers 99-23. They remain in the race for the title and who knows what other surprises are around the corner.

Lisa Ganhör, currently at the top of the ASCL MVP standings, is delighted and remarked: "JKU students have been a major part of our success. The ACSL and JKU Astros community fan energy during the games is off the charts! Now, of course, we want to pull off the upset of the year and bring the title home to the JKU Linz!"

Stephan Schanung, head coach of the JKU Astros women’s team, also had plenty of high praise for the women’s team and believes the title is within their grasp: "The team has undeniably improved during the course of the season and it reflects in their performance!"

Men Continue to Wait for a Victory
Despite a determined fight, the JKU Astros men’s team were defeated by the WU Tigers 48 to 73, dashing their hopes of reaching the play-offs. Even though the men’s team has yet to win a game, the fans have never wavered, steadfastly backing the team all the way during matches!