300 Runners Raced Around Campus

Great vibes and impressive race times at the JKU’s first “Campus Run”.

The 2023 JKU Campus Run
Eindrücke vom Event

As part of the Campus Run, JKU employees, students, and other running enthusiasts raced around the JKU campus. The course took runners from the Open Innovation Center, around the university pond, and over to the JKU Science Park. The weather played along and participating runners had outstanding running times, including JKU MORE student Danil Odynets who ran the 10K in just 36:05 minutes. He was followed close behind by Christoph Stinglmeier (37:31), and Elias Hofer (37:36). Among the women, Marlene Stummer clocked the best time at 43:38, ahead of Ramona Sallaberger (48:09), and Rosa Mandl (58:36)..

The varsity women's basketball team, the JKU Astros, dominated the 3x2K relay race. Chiara Borgards, Kiara Hörtler, and Lara Hinterseer completed the distance in 28:20 minutes. The men's team, "16 Semester Sportstudium" (Tobias Tatzreiter, Florian Will, Elias Zauner), took the fastest time at 21:00 minutes, and the co-ed "USI-Montagslaufkurs" team (Veronika Wagner, Stinglmeier Christoph, Adam Liscak) ran the distance in 21:10 minutes.

All of the participants in the competition were presented with a special wooden medal designed for the Campus Run event. Organizer and USI director Martin Weiß remarked: "It was a tremendous event! The fantastic accompanying program featured raffles by the Sparkasse Oberösterreich and various USI stations, creating a fun and vibrant atmosphere." The beach volleyball serve competition was especially popular, along with the Intersport Pötscher running analyses, and the JKU ASTROS Challenge, in which participants had to beat the JKU basketball players 3 vs. 3, or at least try to.

Martin Weiß is already looking forward to next year’s Campus Run and added: "We would also like to thank the organizers, ALOHA Sport, for ensuring that everything ran without a hitch."