Publication of New Commentary on Contract Law

There are hardly any other legalities that affect our everyday lives the way contract law does. A new commentary about contract law has now been published.

ABGB  Commentary by Prof. Riedler
ABGB Commentary by Prof. Riedler

You may or may not be familiar with §§859-901 of the ABGB (General Civil Code), but you apply these codes every day! When shopping or whenever you conclude a contract, these paragraphs regulate the legal basis. Prof. Andreas Riedler (Civil Law) has now produced Austria's largest closed commentary on these fundamental paragraphs.

In regard to the VW diesel scandal, for example, topics such as concluding a contract, contract content, avoiding contracts, etc. play a major role. The same applies to representing communities involved in ongoing SWAP litigation, or having to close a business due to Covid-19 and having to be released from the terms of various contracts, etc. Courts must review general terms and conditions daily when it comes to legal disputes regarding gym memberships, credit card contracts, vehicle leasing contracts, insurance contracts, airline check-in fees, and more.

Andreas Riedler, a professor of civil law at the JKU, has compiled Austria's largest closed commentary pertaining to the groundlaying sections 859 -901 ABGB. The 1,100-page volume contains over 10,000 citations of supreme court decisions and literature; a formidable work that shines a light on countless aspects of Austrian contract law. The following are just a few examples: concluding a contract, contract content, review of general terms and conditions, contesting a contract, the contract basis, unlawfulness and unconscionability, representing municipalities, bank guarantees, and much more.

A commentary for professionals and an extraordinary achievement by a single author.