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picture of department research service front row f.l.t.r.: Daniela Steiner, Isabella Staska, Ingrid Abfalter, Ina Bogner; second row f.l.t.r.: Werner Gruber, David Wineroither, Christoph Schmotz, Andrea Navarro-Quezada, Monika Blaimschein;

Department Head

Name Extension E-Mail Address
Mag. Isabella Staska 3396 isabella.staska(at)jku.at

Office Management

Name Extension E-Mail Address
Ina Tamara Bogner 3371 ina.bogner(at)jku.at

Team Members




E-Mail Address

Mag. Dr. Ingrid Abfalter, DipTrans loL Science Editor -- ingrid.abfalter(at)jku.at or science.editor(at)jku.at
Mag. Monika Blaimschein EU Research Funding Consultant 3398 monika.blaimschein(at)jku.at
Werner Gruber, BSc. Research Funding Consultant, national funding 3438 werner.gruber(at)jku.at
Priv. Doz. Dr. Andrea Navarro-Quezada Research Funding Consultant at the Faculty of Medicine 3397 andrea.navarro-quezada(at)jku.at
Christoph Schmotz, BSc. Research Service MED 3372 christoph.schmotz(at)jku.at
DIin DIin Daniela Steiner Research Documentation 3373 daniela.steiner(at)jku.at
Dr. David Wineroither EU Research Funding Consultant 3439 david.wineroither(at)jku.at