The JKU Campus.

The JKU campus is practical for many reasons: because the buildings are in close proximity on the campus, you do not waste time criss-crossing the city. Take advantage of one of many places on campus to relax and hang out with fellow classmates and friends. Enjoy your time on campus, whether you are attending an on-campus student party, playing sports, or enjoying a cup of coffee - kick back and take a break.

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MZ? K? T?

Buildings are located on the JKU Campus, in the city, on the city outskirts, and throughout Austria.


Find Your Spot
on Campus!

You can easily find your classroom at the JKU.


This Way!

Whether by public transportation, bike, or by car - this is how you get to the JKU.


Parking on Campus?

There is designated parking on campus for your car, electric vehicle, or your bike.

The best way to see
the campus?

Let us show you around and see for yourself what the JKU has to offer.


We're Growing

We're creating new spaces to
study, work, and enjoy.