Credit Transfer/Examination Credit - International.

If you are completing a degree at the JKU and have taken examinations as part of an official exchange program, please see the information below in regards to credit transfer/examination recognition. If you have taken examinations abroad and were not part of an official exchange program, you must apply for credit transfer/examination recognition via credit transfer - Austria.


Students must submit a form to confirm credit transfer for their degree BEFORE beginning an exchange program abroad. The so-called "advance pre-approval notification" is an integral part of an exchange program (and is needed in order to receive a scholarship to support your studies abroad).

The application includes listing the courses you intend to take at the host university and the equivalent curriculum at the JKU.

Additional information about the application procedure, contact persons etc. pertaining to your major is available in the info sheets below:

Social Science, Economics & Business

Subject Areas and/or Course Exchange

Submit an application to approve transferring up a total of 18 ECTS credit (depending on the curriculum) to be substituted by other major-related subject areas or courses.
This can be done for Business & Economics, Cultural Studies, Mathematics-Chemistry-Physics and Polymer Engineering; this is a supplement or alternative to credit transfer/examination recognition.
Contact the person responsible (review the information sheet or contact the Office of Examinations and Recognition Services).