What is Immediate Academic Credit Transfer in KUSSS?

Under certain conditions, students can independently carry out and automatic transfer of academic credit for course examinations from one major to another in the KUSSS.

Under certain conditions, immediate academic credit transfer can be carried out in KUSSS (menu item "Übertragung").

If you are actively enrolled in a degree program and the curriculum requires courses (the same course classes) that you have already successfully passed for another major (degree program number) you are/were enrolled in at the JKU, you can conduct an immediate transfer of academic credit. This process does not affect the original examination.

Please note: At this time, the process can only be used to get credit for examinations that have not been previously used for credit transfer.

Example: Student A is enrolled in both Business Education (Major No. 170) and Business & Economics (Major No. 033/572). The student successfully passed the course "Accounting" [course class =572BWEFBUHK15] under Major No. 170. This course class is included in both the curriculum for Business Education as well as for the curriculum in Business & Economics.

Once the same course class is included in one or more curricula, the formal and substantive examination is omitted. Official notification and approval is therefore not required.

Requirements for Successful Credit Transfer

  • Students must be actively enrolled in the degree program or it will not appear in the drop-down menu.
  • Students can only transfer passing examination grades.
  • Each passing grade is checked against all of the existing criteria. If, for example, an exam cannot be transferred for credit, you may get multiple error messages.

Please note: Apply to AUWEA NG for academic credit for courses that include writing a Bachelor's thesis.

Error Message

Non-Transferable Credit for Examinations

No Admissable Main Major Available


Credit transfer is not intended for all majors (aside for, among others, individual majors, pre-study programs, etc). The student must be actively enrolled in the main major.

Examination Credit Transfer Already Approved

The selected examination has already been used to receive credit transfer/recognition.

The Requirement has Already Been Met in the Curriculum for the Student's Main Major


There is Already a Non-Comparable Grade in the Students Main Major


The Course Class is Not Available in the Students Main Major

This course class is not a part of the student's main major curriculum. The examination is not in the mandatory course requirement section or listed as a choice of electives.

Credit for Examinations Taken Before November 13, 2013, Cannot Be Transferred

Due to technicalities, grades for examinations dated before November 13, 2013, cannot be academically transferred.

The Examination was Taken as Part of the Student's Main Major


Credit Cannot be Transferred.

In order to get credit for a certain examination you must apply for credit transfer at the Department of Examination and Recognition Services.

Internal Error

The transfer process was interrupted due to an internal error (server failure, etc. ). Please contact a KUSSS Support Service staff member


If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Examination and Recognition Services.