Knowledge in Society.

Wherever there is a lot happening, there is also a lot to tell. The Kepler Tribune and the Kepler Salon have one goal in common: to bring society closer to knowledge and academia.

Communication is not just a one-way street so we want to talk with you. Knowledge always becomes more when shared. We believe "knowledge in society" does not only mean imparting knowledge, but also actively engaging in dialogue and discovering new perspectives.
The academic newspaper Kepler Tribune and the Kepler Salon invite you to join us: Talk to us, discuss with us, pick out topics, and dive into discourse.


The Kepler Tribune

By creating the "Kepler Tribune", the Johannes Kepler University Linz has succeeded in bringing science together with journalism, both of which are indispensable elements to support social development and serve as the basis for public decision-making. The goal: To build a solid and high-quality bridge between research and society.


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The Kepler Salon

Over 100 events take place annually at the "Lusthaus des Wissens" and discourse, focusing on communicating knowledge and expertise. Featured presentations in all areas of science, society, art and culture are then discussed in detail with the audience.


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