4th Call for the Linz Clinician Scientist Program

The program has financially supported 43 research projects and studies to date and will now open a new call.

Symbolbild CSP/ACSP-Programm
Symbolbild CSP/ACSP-Programm

Physicians interested in research at Kepler University Hospital can once again apply for admission to the innovative junior researcher support or qualification program at the JKU Linz Faculty of Medicine.

Funding will be provided to conduct exploratory, prospective, and innovative research studies in the area of translational research, clinical and preclinical research, as well as base-knowledge medical research.

Grant holders can take a funded leave of absence from their clinical routine at the Kepler University Hospital and focus extensively on implement their research, networking, establishing research groups, and publishing in renowned journals.

Since the program began in 2019, 32 clinician scientists and 11 advanced clinician scientists have been admitted to the program after submitting their research projects as part of a competitive admissions procedure. As part of the third round that began in October 2021, eight clinician scientists and six advanced clinician scientists will start the program. Four advanced clinician scientists will successfully complete the program this year.

In an effort to evaluate the program, participants in the 2019 and 2020 program were surveyed in regard to academic/scientific supervision and the program at the KUK and JKU, resulting in very positive responses. The participants were initially attracted to the program by the unique opportunity to integrate research activities into their respective clinical routine. Participants also stated support services at the Faculty of Medicine’s Competence Center for Clinical Research were very encouraging and constructive.  The survey also showed that physicians are confronted with many specific demands at the crossroads between providing clinical care, conducting research, teaching, and progressing in their medical degree program. The program has evolved since the start of the program in 2019, adding more flexible use of leave and new program options.

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