The Linz Science Slam, featuring Many JKU Hopefuls

Researchers and scholars enthralled the Posthof audience with their fascinating, fun, and inspiring presentations.

The 2023 Linz Science Slam
The 2023 Linz Science Slam

Junior scientists, researchers, and scholars had 6 minutes to present their current research, foregoing a projector and instead using creative resources and plenty of humor and good laughs. The Science Slam is a true high point in science communication.

Once again, the JKU was well represented at the Science Slam. Physicist Felix Gemeinhardt opened the Science Slam competition at a crowded Posthof venue by humorously describing his simulation of the detailed processes of photosynthesis. (Video, opens an external URL in a new window)

Psychologist Julia Bastian offered plenty of food for thought with her powerful presentation on medical ethics. (Video, opens an external URL in a new window)

Economist Stephan Pühringer (JKU) and sociologist Carina Altreiter (University of Business & Economics Vienna) brought their interdisciplinary research on competition to the stage as part of a pointed, dual conference, taking a very critical look at the standard competitive mechanisms to award research funding and tenure positions in academia. (Video, opens an external URL in a new window)

Jessica Michalke concluded the evening’s presentations with dating tips from the chemistry lab. Using a brilliant metaphor, she illustrated her research into catalysis by pairing up rather shy people. On stage, an adorable cat played the key role in initiating relationships. (Video, opens an external URL in a new window)

The audience enjoyed a high-spirited atmosphere, ultimately crowning Martin Pfeiffer from the TU Graz as the Slam Champion.

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