Master's Degree in Finance and Accounting.

Finance, accounting, taxes - the pillars of each and every company. The Master's degree program Finance & Accounting gives you the interdisciplinary skills you need to understand these dynamic areas and qualify for top management positions!

You acquire in-depth expertise in finance, banking, financial & management accounting, controlling, public and non-profit finance and accounting as well as in tax management.

You can freely choose your area of specialization - between finance, management accounting, accounting or tax management. If you work part-time, we will do our best to take your area of specialization into consideration.


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Key Facts


Master of Science (MSc)


4 semesters


120 Credits


German (Level C1)




*Consideration will be given to part-time students whenever possible

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What makes this program particularly special

  • Finance and accounting will always be at the core of any company. We can help you hone your skills to better understand the complex relationships so you can explicitly apply your expertise to various contexts.
  • Learn from experts who make a difference. Many of our course instructors work with the government, have important positions in prestigious committees, conduct high quality research together with top companies to focus on future-oriented topics, and are influential opinion leaders who are often in the public eye on a daily basis due to their publications. What we do has a concrete impact.

Program Structure

Students in the Master's degree program Finance and Accounting must successfully pass the following subjects:

Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting x      
Focus on Finance & Accounting (Finance, Managerial Accounting, Accounting and Tax Management)   x x  
Trends in Finance and Accounting     x  
Autonomous Coursework   x x x
Master's Thesis       x
Master's Thesis Seminar       x
Master's Thesis Colloquium       x
Master's Examination       x

Program Details

If you would like to learn more about the Master's degree program Finance and Accounting, we recommend taking a look at the curriculum. We have also summarized some of the program details separately.


Main Areas of Focus

You select your area of focus! Select two of the four areas of specialization below:

  • Finance: Banking management, governance & CSR, valuation, asset management, securities management
  • Management Accounting: Controlling & business intelligence, performance management for public institutions, case study seminar, Behavioral management accounting, group controlling
  • Accounting: Consolidation, UGB, international developments in public accounting, company valuation and analysis
  • Tax Management: Tax profit calculation, entrepreneurship, company reorganization and termination, taxing capital investments, international tax planning

Video about the Master's Degree Program in Finance & Accounting

Prof. Teodoro Cocca and program graduate Andreas Göttfert talk about the Finance and Accounting Master's program at the JKU.


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What You Will Learn in the Program

The Master's degree program Finance & Accounting provides you with interdisciplinary expertise in Accounting, Finance and Tax Management, qualifying you for a wide range of management positions:

  • You will learn to apply an integrated approach to all corresponding methods in modern financial management at companies, in public administration, and at private, non-profit organizations.
  • As part of modern studies in digitalization, sustainability, and crisis management, you will learn the way expertise is incorporated and applied to interdisciplinary networking.
  • You will also hone your personal and team skills in order to effectively solve problems and communicate finance-related issues as part of of the company's system.

Career Prospects

Program graduates can pursue countless career opportunities and professions in Austria and abroad in the areas of finance, tax management, managerial accounting and financial accounting, including positions:

  • at companies in all industries
  • in auditing, tax consulting, controlling and business consulting
  • in the banking sector (i.e. portfolio management), treasury, investment controlling, investment consulting
  • in public administration and in non-profit sector management
  • in academic research and higher-level education

On average, graduates in this field find a job immediately after completing the program. After 3 years on the job, their average monthly gross salary is € 3.686.

„Our program puts you at the forefront of everything new in the field. You will learn something new every day and enjoy campus life!“
Prof. Dr. Teodoro D. Cocca, Program Director
Prof. Dr. Teodoro D. Cocca, JKU Linz

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In order to be admitted to the Master's degree program, you must fulfill the following requirements.

  • Language certification proving a C1 Level of proficiency in German
  • Successful completion of a Bachelor's or Diploma degree in business and economics, or a comparable undergraduate academic degree program equivalent in content and scope, allows you to enroll in the Master's degree program in Finance and Accounting without any admission constraints.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, not necessarily as it depends on your area of specialization. For example, if you decide to specialize in Finance and Accounting from the second semester on, you will be required to complete the core courses in Finance and Financial Accounting during the first semester. Theoretically, the other core courses can be taken later.

We do, however, recommend starting during the Winter Semester as core courses are not offered during the Summer Semester.

The majority of courses in this program are held in German however some courses use textbooks and materials in both German and English. It also depends on the subject area you choose to pursue.

Yes, during the program you can study abroad for a semester. Contact the International Office at the JKU for additional information.

In general, yes, however the curriculum comsists of mandatory courses, such as consolidation courses, and courses requiring you to present homework or project assignments. In this regard, you must have a certain degree of flexibility.

The research methods must correspond to the topic for your graduate thesis. For example, if you are writing your Master's thesis in Finance or Controlling, you must complete Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods. If you choose a thesis topic in Accounting or in Tax, you will have to complete Research Methods in Accounting and Taxation as well as a workshop in Accounting and Taxation.

You must hold a Bachelor's degree in a corresponding subject area (Bachelor's in Business Administration, Business & Economics). Information about undergraduate degree programs considered comparable is available in the curriculum.

Still Have Questions?

Do you need help registering or do you have questions about the program? Contact the JKU's Office of Student Information and Academic Advising (SIBS)!

Program Management

Are you interested in the Master's degree program in Finance and Accoutning? Feel free to contact us via e-mail: programs-businessschool(at)


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