MBE Best Paper Award


Es freut uns bekannt geben zu dürfen, dass das Paper „Digital Sensemaking: Sensemaking as a Driver of Transformation.“ von Claudia Schnugg, Daniela Brill und Christian Stary vom Institut für Wirschaftsinformatik – Communications Engineering den  MBE Best Paper Award beim International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics 2022 gewonnen hat.


This paper introduces the project "Digital Sensemaking" (DIGI-Sense) that tackles human needs in the envisioned digital revolution (Industry4.0, humanoid robots, Internet of Behaviours, Cyber-Physical-Systems) to enable meaningful transformation processes. 

Psychologists of work argue that digitalization at the workplace can lead to an overflow of information which challenges decision-making and sensemaking at work. Studies in organizational research show that sensemaking is fundamental for meaningful work experience of individuals and organizations because it plays a central role to give meaning to processes, shared experiences and to rationalize decisions and established routines. In digital transformation processes, well-known work processes easily become alienated to workers, embodied knowledge and material cornerstones are likely to become obsolete. 

Therefore, DIGI-Sense explores sensemaking in digitalization processes that incorporate tangible elements, digital twins, and robotics. As embodiment, materialities, movements, and aesthetics are core to sensemaking, the methodological design of the empirical study incorporates methods in social sciences and juxtaposes these more traditional approaches with methods from visual studies, arts-based initiatives and artscience collaboration in the form of a series of experimentations with performance artists. This paper will introduce the theoretical background and the development of the methodological approach applied in this research project.

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LIT Project DIGI-Sense: https://www.jku.at/en/linz-institute-of-technology/research/lit-calls/schnugg/