Major und Minor Sustainability Management.

In this Major (24 ECTS) and Minor (12 ECTS) you will understand core concepts and challenges in achieving corporate sustainability and managing sustainable transformation processes on an organizational, industry and societal level. Thus, you will not only gain an understanding about the concept of corporate responsibility, but also learn about the technological, regulatory, and practical dimensions of sustainable management. You will discern how environmental and social issues such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals influence corporations. Furthermore, you will become familiar with different theoretical perspectives for sustainable management.



  • The concept and history of the social, ecological and ethical responsibility of corporations
  • The different stakeholders involved in organizing sustainability
  • Instrumental, political and institutional perspectives of corporate sustainability
  • The challenge of organizing global supply chains in sustainable ways
  • Environmental and quality management systems and certification
  • Circular economy approaches
  • Theories of socio-technical transitions management
  • Sustainability accounting


Additionally, in Major:

  • Research methods and case studies of sustainability management
  • Reflecting sustainability management in all its dimensions
  • Sustainable business practice cases and exercises


Sonstige Informationen

Die Lehrveranstaltungen dieses Majors/Minors werden in englischer Sprache abgehalten.


Folgende Institute bieten Lehrveranstaltungen in diesem Major/Minor an:


Voraussetzungen: Um den Major bzw. Minor "Sustainability Management" beginnen zu können, muss folgende Lehrveranstaltung vorher absolviert werden:

  • KS Grundlagen des Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement

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